How to Apply Cologne Without Spray Attachments on the Bottle

How To Apply Cologne Without Spray Attachments On The Bottle

Most guys will have at least one bottle of cologne in the bathroom they spray on in the morning. But have you ever wondered how to apply cologne without spray attachments?

Applying cologne directly from the bottle can help the scent last longer. Some bottles of cologne don’t even come with a spray attachment in the first place. So how do you put those on?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, we will show you how and where to apply your favorite fragrance.

What Is the Right Way to Apply Cologne Without a Built-In Sprayer?

When you are going to apply any type of cologne, be careful not to use too much. You’ll also want to choose one with a good base note and a stronger scent that will last for some time.

The main reason you wear these types of fragrances is to make you smell nice. But if you don’t apply your favorite scent correctly, it will have the opposite effect.

Use the Right Application Method

As you know, using a spray cologne is easy. You just take the lid off and press down on the top to release a fine mist of that wonderful scent.

You may be tempted to spray a little of the cologne onto your hands and then rub it onto your wrists. You may even be tempted to just spray a little onto your fingertips and apply it onto your neck. But this won’t be of any use if you want the smell from your cologne spray bottle to last for any length of time.

Why You Need to Know How to Apply Cologne in the Right Way

Applying the cologne to your skin by rubbing it on will speed up the drying process. If you are unaware of what this means, let me explain.

All perfumes, including Eau de colognes and Eau de toilettes, are constructed of three different layers. First are the top notes, followed by the middle notes, and then finally the base notes.

After first applying any kind of Eau de colognes, you will smell the cologne’s intense top notes. The scent provides by these usually lasts for around 30 minutes. Then after this, you will begin to smell the middle notes, and their natural scent lasts for approximately four hours.

Finally, after this, once the type of fragrance you are wearing has had time to work with your body’s chemistry, the deep, lingering scent of your cologne’s base notes now emerges.

When you rub the scent into your skin, you are causing the top notes to dissipate faster. As a result of this, the smell produced by your favorite cologne type gets reduced significantly.

So What Is the Best Way to Apply Cologne Without Using the Spray Nozzle?

The best way to do this is by actually taking the spray nozzle off and applying the perfume oil directly onto your skin. Simply tip the bottle up slowly and let a small amount of the perfume oil drop onto your skin without spilling anywhere.

Once you’ve applied the concentrated cologne onto your dry skin, gently give it a rub with the tips of your fingers.

How to Apply Cologne Without Spray Attachments on the Bottle

You can also use your fingertips if you’re afraid of making a mess. Press your fingertip against the bottle opening and then just like before, you’ll tip up the cologne bottle so that some goes on to the tip of your finger.

Then you’ll just gently dab the finger on your wrist or neck’s pulse points.

Is It a Good Idea to Dab Some Cologne on Your Neck?

Yes, your neck is one of the best places for applying colognes without spray nozzles, regardless of what type it is. But you shouldn’t just use it all over your neck, instead just apply it to your neck’s pulse points.

Applying it to your neck is an excellent idea as it contains lots of veins and arteries running to your head and brain. This is where you will find your body’s pulse points, and the skin here is quite warm. Once your cologne comes into contact with warm and sensitive skin, the smell given off is much stronger.

But before you do apply any designer fragrance to your neck, take the time to learn where the pulse points are. These are the areas where you should be paying particular attention to when applying your cologne.

Why It Is a Good Idea to Apply Cologne on Your Wrists

On your wrists is where you will find your body’s primary pulse points. This is such a great place to dab on some cologne without spraying because your blood flows closer to the surface of your skin.

How to Apply Cologne so It Will Last All Day

When applying any colognes, you can do two things to ensure that your signature cologne scent lasts all day.

Apply to Your Body’s Pulse Points

Apply your favorite perfume to your wrists, neck, and behind your ears. Doing this helps ensure that the essential oils in your bottle of atelier cologne can mingle with your skin. This allows it more time to show off its best notes throughout the rest of the day.

Dab, Don’t Rub or Spray

Spraying on your favorite colognes may be convenient, but as soon as the liquid from the perfume bottles comes into contact with the air, some of the cologne’s scent gets lost before it even comes into contact with your skin. But this doesn’t happen when you apply your colognes by directly dabbing them onto your skin.

Final Thoughts

Wearing any kind of cologne is a great way to boost your confidence. You also may find your signature scent helps to relieve your stress levels.

But knowing how to apply cologne without spray options is an entirely different matter, especially if it doesn’t even have a built-in nozzle.

We hope that the above advice will help you apply your favorite bit of fragrance, and even make it last a little bit longer – leaving you smelling fantastic throughout the whole day.


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