Fragrance vs Scent: What’s the Difference?

Fragrance Vs Scent

When you go online looking for reviews relating to different perfumes, you find yourself a little puzzled. Oftentimes, you will see perfumes being reviewed where some people talk about their fragrance and others speak about their scent.

There aren’t any differences between these two words, so why do people tend to use them in so many different ways? We are going to provide an explanation relating to fragrance vs scent so that you can better understand the meaning behind these two words.

Next time you go out to buy yourself some Eau de Toilette, Eau De Parfum, or other types of fragrances, you will better understand what these two words relate to.

It is essential to note from the outset that these two are not the same. You may think that you can change one for the other but this isn’t the case. They don’t call it the “fragrance industry” for no reason at all.

The Difference Between Fragrance and Scent

More often than not, the words scent and fragrance are used as one and the same when we talk about any type of fragrances. The differences between these two words concerning the fragrance industry is acceptable.

When it comes to using the word fragrance in relation to all popular types of categories of fragrances, it is used to describe that they have a pleasant smell. However, when it comes to using scent in bottles to describe the way a particular perfume smells, this tells us it comes with an unmistakable fragrance.

Before we delve deeper into the differences between fragrance and scent, let’s look at each of them in a little more detail.


You will find that each type of fragrance family available today has a sweet, sensitive smell to them. Often you will find it comes with the smell of fresh flowers or pine trees.

Typically the oils used in making any pleasant fragrance occur in a laboratory. These synthetic fragrance concentration blends are composed almost entirely of by-products of the petroleum industry. They contain chemical compounds such as aldehyde, toluene, and benzene derivatives.

Unfortunately, the use of these ingredients to make any kind of fragrance type product can lead to them producing some unpleasant smells when worn.


The word scent is often one that is closely associated with high-quality perfumes.

When it comes to making any bottles of scents, these are made from natural ingredients. The use of these simple compounds in this type of perfume provides them with a pleasing smell.

With their fresh-cut flowers smell, these types of products are often used to suppress certain human body odors. So, often you will see the inclusion of these ingredients in products like a bottle of deodorant, shampoos, and bars of soap.

Differences: Fragrance vs Scent


You will find that as fragrances tend to contain many chemical compounds, the time that their smell lasts is limited. Often you will discover that the attractive aromas they first produced will only last for around 4-5 hours before they start to fade.

When it comes to the application of scent, as they have a greater concentration of perfume essence in them, the natural scents they produce last longer. You should notice that you can still smell their bright aromas at least 6 hours later.

Fragrance Vs Scent

Concentration of Fragrance Oil

Most fragrances you can wear on your skin will have a higher concentration of fragrance oil in them. This results in an additional fragrance chemical coming into contact with your skin. May help cover up unpleasant odors but aren’t suitable for sensitive skin and can cause things like rashes and irritations.

Whereas the organic compounds often used in aromatic scents are less likely to cause problems for sensitive skin. The floral scents from these products are a great way of covering up bad odors while ensuring your skin does not break out in blemishes.

How Are They Made?

As already mentioned above, many fragrances are made in a laboratory using various chemical compounds. After creating the fragrance concentration, this is then combined with a concentration of alcohol. That, in turn, results in multiple types of fragrance, all of which have different fragrance smells.

As for scents like Eau de Cologne, these are made using a four-step process. It begins with harvesting various plants from which their organic compounds are extracted. Once the oils in these plants, such as the santal flower, have been removed, the next stage can begin.

The final stage is when the oils that produce the natural scents in these products are combined with alcohol. Once this has been carried out, it allows the alcohol content to mix thoroughly with the oil’s organic compounds. After several weeks or months, a wide range of scent families will be available in the end.


When searching for the perfect fragrance or scent, you may find it quite challenging where to begin. After all, there are hundreds if not thousands of different scents and fragrances to choose from today and finding the perfect one for you can prove difficult.

If you are not familiar with the different kinds of scents and fragrances, this makes the whole process of finding the right one for you more challenging. There is a thing such as a fragrance wheel that you can use that will help you better understand what the differences are about the sense of smell.

In all likelihood, many pleasing smells make up the various scent families you come across throughout your life. So, it is worth looking closely at this so you better understand when it comes to fragrance vs scent, which one is the best for you.

In addition, you will want to make sure the one you choose will not harm your skin, especially if your skin is sensitive to certain products.

Please let us know if you found this article to be of help. We’d love to know just what kind of products are produced these days that have a lovely smell and suit your taste.


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