How to Tell the Difference Between Spray and Perfume

How To Tell The Difference Between Spray And Perfume

There are different categories of fragrances. On the surface, it seems like these fragrance options can be used interchangeably without thought. If you look closer, you’ll find that there are key differences in the concentrated form of these scents.

Knowing the difference between these fragrance products helps you find their true purpose and use them to the best effect. In this guide we’ll be looking into the difference between spray and perfume.

Identifying the differences between these fragrance products when it comes to concentration will not only improve your experience but will also ensure that you get the perfect, sweet scent for every occasion.

Without further ado, here are all the individual factors worth noting about these two types of fragrances.

Defining the Fragrance Types

Before we look at any of the differences between fragrance sprays and perfumes, it’s important to first define these two fragrance types clearly. When we know the essential makeup of each common fragrance category, picking out their differences will become much easier.

What are Perfumes?

This type of fragrance is simply a blend of different natural fragrance extracts, aromatics, and fragrance oils. The purpose of the concentration of fragrance extracts and base of oil is to further increase the fresh scent of the perfume blend.

Perfumes are not to be confused with Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, or even Eau de Parfum.

The difference between these members of the fragrance family is the form of perfume concentration in each scent, leading to slightly different notes in the end.

The use of perfume essence to get pleasing daily scents has been in practice for a long time. The first recorded use of these pleasant smells dates as far back as the 14th century.

Depending on the type and form of perfume, these pleasant odors can be applied to everything from clothes and animals to the human body and various other objects.

Also, because this type of fragrance carries the most potent and intense scent, they usually are marked at a higher price when compared to deodorants and body spray.

What are Body Sprays?

Fragrance sprays can best be described as a newer, subtler alternative to the conventional form of oil perfumes. A generous application of these fragrances to the body creates a clean, fresh scent.

Also known as body fragrance mist, body sprays are not to be confused with deodorants. The difference between body spray and deodorant is that the former is employed to help you smell nice while the latter is used to ensure you don’t smell bad.

The difference in composition means that deodorants have a slighter weaker fragrance compared to body mists.

Fragrance mist perfume is made by mixing a concentration of alcohol, water, and perfume extracts. Other ingredients that feature in body mists include propane and isobutene.

The unique combination of ingredients makes this fragrance mist cousin quite flammable. Also, they don’t have a high concentration of aromatic essence and they don’t have as lasting an effect compared to perfumes.

How To Tell The Difference Between Spray And Perfume

Difference Between Spray and Perfume

With a clearer idea of what a perfume and body spray is, we can more extensively highlight what makes one different from the other.

Before you walk down the fragrance aisle and pick up a perfume oil or fragrance body sprays, here are some distinguishing criteria to remember.


As you now know, perfumes are feminine or masculine scents that are made with fragrant essential oils and fragrant extracts.

They have an extensive range of use and they can be used to give pleasant odors to a wide variety of things like food, animals, clothes, and the human body.

Designer alcohol perfume sprays are a mild mixture of ingredients like certain alcohol types, water, and scents. These are specifically applied to the human body and they’re used to mask the presence of body odor.


Any key difference between spray and perfume is how they are applied.

Fragrance mist perfume is usually applied to the body directly from the spray can and onto the body. This is because it is usually prepared from the point of manufacture as an aerosol mixture.

Perfumes come out of their glamorous bottles in a spritz. As such, you can either apply this spritz directly on the object you want to give a pleasant smell to or by dabbing with a small piece of cloth.

The latter method of application is employed if you want to minimize the intensive scent of your favorite fragrance perfume.


The impressive scent that a perfume fragrance gives off can vary significantly from country to country. This is because each location can introduce complex or basic differences to how the aromatics of their perfume products are made.

They can also control its consistency, intensive scent, and several other variables.

Due to the nature of fragrance body sprays, there is no noteworthy difference in how these products are made, regardless of manufacturer. The only thing that’s often different with fragrance sprays is the choice of aromatic essence.

Duration and Intensity

Most times, even a cheap perfume smell will give off a stronger and more potent scent when compared to its body spray counterpart.

This is more so the case with perfume high-end fragrances. The base of oil they have is remarkably strong and long-lasting. This is why even a single application of perfume can last you a day or more in several cases.

The light spray composition of body mists makes their fragrance lighter. Also, the fragrance time they offer is shorter as well.


We have now come to the end of our introduction to fragrance! We hope you have a deeper understanding of the difference between spray and perfume.

Perfumes are designed to give you access to strong, beautiful scents while body sprays give you a lighter dose of that magic, helping you stay fresh and free of body odor.

With this guide to help you in your body grooming decision, we’re certain you’ll pick the best scent products the next time your path leads to the fragrance aisle.


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