Best Jo Malone for Men

Best Jo Malone For Men

Have you ever walked past someone on the street and instantly got attracted to their fresh scent? We all want the kind of fragrance that demands attention and helps us make a lasting impression on anyone we meet. Try a Jo Malone perfume to stand apart with an iconic scent with a prominent note of magnificent natural extracts.

Made with the finest ingredients and by world-class perfumers, Jo Malone has created an elite set of exotic fragrances ranging from tropical and floral to Mediterranean and spicy.

If you’re looking for the best Jo Malone for men, this guide is for you.

5 Popular Scents by Jo Malone

1. Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom Cologne Spray for Unisex Fragrance

Let’s start with a classic unisex perfume. Whether you identify as a man, woman, or non-binary, the Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom Cologne Spray is for everyone.

It comes in a gorgeous 100 ml bottle, and there’s really no reason why you wouldn’t make this casual scent a part of your everyday routine. The best part is this perfume is 100% safe for every skin type.

If you enjoy signature clean scents by Jo Malone, this one’s for you.

Composition and Notes

This one’s primarily a floral fragrance with aromatic notes of Cardamom and Mimosa. The Mimosa composition smells like cucumber, almonds, and tiny undertones of violet, whereas the cardamom composition has a more spicy, citrusy smell.

Both cardamom and mimosa hit together right after the first spray but cardamom being pretty volatile, disappears after the first 20 to 30 minutes. What’s left behind is the subtle, sweet scent of almond-rich Mimosa.

When Should You Use This Perfume?

This perfume is perfect for morning events, especially if you’re headed out on a bright sunny day. It has a unique creamy hint that almost reminds you of tropical summers. If you want to smell like you just walked out from a scrumptious Sunday brunch, go for this cologne.

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2. Jo Malone Basil & Neroli Perfume For Unisex

Here is another authentic British scent by Jo Malone with the goodness of Basil & Neroli. It’s a light perfume that can be easily adapted into one’s signature scent. It was designed by perfumer Anne Flipo to give Jo Malone fans another amazing everyday refreshing scent.

Composition and Notes

The top notes of this perfume consist of basil with a slight, citrusy twist. The composition of Basil has a very rain-drenched forest-like hint, adding to the overall refreshing note. It has moderately sweet notes of lime and makes you feel as fresh as having limes squeezed into your skin.

Next comes the middle note of Neroli, an essential oil with the blend of orange-like citrusy notes and the perfect level of honey-laced sweetness. It’s strong and spicy but not as bold as the top note of basil. The middle notes impart a soothing effect, thanks to the goodness of Neroli essential oil.

Finally, the white musk notes further accentuate the previous aromas, giving you a staggering blend of basil, neroli, and fresh and clean white musk.

When Should You Use This Perfume?

The simplicity of this perfume makes it an excellent choice for everyday wear. If you’re someone who likes to save the bold and spicy fragrances for the night life, fill your morning events with the freshness of this Basil & Neroli perfume.

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3. Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Fragrance Cologne Spray

The best perfume comes from nature and if you want to bask in the tropical aroma of seaweed, sea salt, and wood sage, try the Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Fragrance.

Packed in a super classy 100 ml bottle, this long-lasting perfume is designed for a diverse customer base regardless of your age and gender.

The natural flavor notes and refreshing natural ingredients give you a subtle, long-lasting fragrance that feels as natural as your own body odor.

Composition and Notes

This perfume has the most simple play of ingredients. Top notes consist of ambrette and grapefruit, which offer a unique combination of plant-based musk and tangy citrus. Obviously, this smell doesn’t last long enough, and soon we get to experience the goodness of wood sage and sea salt.

The earthy fragrance of wood sage and the aquatic undertones of sea salt together produce a light, ocean-like fragrance. It’s perfect for daily use, especially when the spotlight isn’t on you.

When Should You Wear This Perfume?

This perfume is perfect for day-to-day work and regular summer day events. The perfume is very light and doesn’t withstand cold temperatures, so it’s best not to use it in colder months.

In fact, that is one of the only issues with this scent by Jo Malone. It hardly lasts two to three hours, after which it almost blends into your natural scent.

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4. Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot Intense Men Cologne

If you’re a fan of warm and fresh scents, the Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot Intense travel-size Cologne is a must-try for you.

Inspired from Middle Eastern perfume styles, this unique fragrance has a beautiful blend of neutral summer smell and a slightly spicy masculine fragrance.

This perfume is designed for special occasions as well as a signature style. So, if you want to have a unique fragrance that reminds people of you, give this perfume a shot.

Since this product is travel-size, you can quickly slip it in your pockets and use it all day long, even when outdoors.

Composition and Notes

This perfume is a blend of two very distinct scents. The first one comes from the woody notes of Oud with subtle or sweet and spicy undertones. This is the part of the perfume that gives you a manly charisma.

The second part of the perfume comes from the extracts of Bergamot, which is fruity and citrusy. Together they make you a charming gentleman with refreshing body odor even in the scorching summer heat.

When Should You Use This Perfume?

Like all the other perfumes in this list, this perfume by Jo Malone is a perfect summer fragrance. The scent is light and breezy, just how you would want it on a summer day. That said, the other half of the spicy and woody aroma of Oud makes it perfect for exciting night events.

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5. Jo Malone Oud And Bergamot Intense for Unisex

If you loved the Oud and Bergamot travel-size fragrance, you must try this regular-size perfume bottle by Jo Malone.

Launched back in 2010 under the Jo Malone’s Intense Collection, this Unisex perfume has been a forever favorite scent of all Jo Malone customers. With a unique blend of accentuated masculine energy and subtle feminine charm, you can use it to make a lasting first impression.

Composition and Notes

The composition and notes of this perfume are obviously pretty similar to the previous products. It starts with an opening note of refreshing fruity scent imparted by bergamot, Amalfi Coast lemon, and orange, followed by a sharp and woody fragrance of cedar and Oud.

The sweet undertones of citrus mingle beautifully with the complex fragrance from cedar and oud, leaving behind a trail of exquisite, tantalizing aroma.

When Should You Use This Perfume?

This perfume is an all-rounder. You can use it at any time of the day for any event you want. The fruity notes from bergamot make it perfect for daytime events, whereas the smoky, exotic notes from oud tailor it for nighttime events. Moreover, this perfume is neither too overwhelming nor too subtle, helping you maintain a pleasant fragrance strength throughout the day.

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Why Are Jo Malone Perfumes Expensive?

Jo Malone is a luxury brand, and just like all of its other products, its perfumes too are pretty expensive — but let’s call them splurge-worthy, shall we?

Here are three reasons that make these perfumes value-rich:

  1. Jo Malone uses natural ingredients to get authentic, natural fragrance into your perfume bottle. Obviously, finding unique ingredients like sea salt, wood sage, oud, etc., requires significant research.

Natural ingredients are always costlier to extract and use, making the perfumes more expensive.

  1. All Jo Malone perfumes have a complex structure, unlike regular cheap perfumes that come with a flat scent. Jo Malone perfume has well-rounded 3-tier notes, including a top, heart, and base note.

Creating three different notes requires more ingredients and better craftsmanship, both of which add to the total production cost.

  1. Jo Malone perfumes are unique. There’s a reason why they’re luxury brands because, unlike retail brands, they do not mass-produce their products. They make an excellent choice for people looking to keep their signature scent unique.

How to Make Your Jo Malone Perfume Last Longer?

No one likes a perfume that disappears into thin air within a couple of hours. While Jo Malone perfumes are usually long-lasting, if you’re doing intense physical activities wearing these perfumes, you might need additional help making them last longer.

So here are four tricks you can use right now to make your Jo Malone perfume last longer:

1. Keep Your Skin Clean and Hydrated

Before spraying the perfume, make sure your skin is clean enough to hold the scent. If layers of dust or sweat are clogging your skin pores, not only will the scent be stranded on the surface of your skin but it will also lose a significant portion of its strength in tackling the existing odor.

Also, make sure your skin is hydrated enough to hold onto the scent. It’s better to use gel-based hydration products that do not trigger your skin’s natural oil production or create a very strong smell of their own.

2. Spray it on Your Pulse Points

If you want your fragrance to last throughout the day, always spray it on your pulse points. This includes your ankles, insides of your elbow, midriff, neck, and the back of your knees. Since these areas are comparatively warmer, they help the scent diffuse naturally.

With the extra heat they emit, they project the scent from your body to your surroundings, making people near you feel the fragrance better.

3. Don’t Rub Your Wrists Together

It’s a common practice to rub your wrists together once you spray the perfume on them. The common notion is that doing so will help spread the fragrance better but we’ve got a surprise for you: rubbing your wrists together might actually reduce the strength of your perfume.

It can also take away a huge portion of the spray or push it too deep into your inner layers. This will cause an amalgamation of the perfume and your natural body odor, giving rise to a third independent odor that might not be very pleasant.

4. Spray it on Your Clothes

Your skin houses moisture and oils, which might make the perfume slip off. If you want your perfume to last longer, try spraying it on your clothes. The fibers and pores of the material will trap the scent and protect it from external factors like heat and sweat.

People with sensitive skin must also consider spraying perfume on their clothes instead of their skin. This is because a large portion of perfumes is made with alcohol, so spraying on clothes will minimize the chances of skin irritation and discomfort.

Wrapping Up

All fragrances from Jo Malone are equally enchanting. So how do you find the best Jo Malone for men, and more importantly, which one should you choose? If you’re in a dilemma, here’s a brief product overview to revisit the best features of each of them:

Hopefully this guide and the product overview have helped you in deciding which Jo Malone perfume is best suited for you and your lifestyle. Either way, you really can’t go wrong with this brand of cologne.


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